NUTRABAITS | BFM: Krill & Cranberry

NUTRABAITS | BFM: Krill & Cranberry

Nutrabaits is arguably the most time-proven bait company on the scene; it has been making high quality carp food since 1986 and the collective of long-term Nutrabaits users are some of the most die-hard bait buffs you’ll ever meet.

The quality of the ingredients used by the northern bait brand are notoriously some of the best money can buy and it prides itself on making hardcore food baits that simply won’t blow and will continue to be effective for decades, thanks to the valuable nutrients that are present in each bait within the range.

BFM (Big Fish Mix) is a historical base mix that was first conceived by Dave Moor alongside Bill Cottam and his close-knit circle back in the 1980s and it has been regarded as one the most effective base mixes of all time by those in the know. The mix itself consists of a variety of fishmeals and milk proteins, cod liver oil, kelp powder and Robin Red, which provides a highly nutritional foundation.

The introduction of Krill & Cranberry is a new combination in terms of a mainstream product, but this attractor package has been a recommended recipe for a number of years and has proven to be a real winner. Cranberry is a flavour that is not only ‘wife friendly’, but it also works extremely well to complement the complex fishmeal base of BFM, and Krill needs no explanation if we’re being frank – it’s one of the greatest carp attractants of all time!

Using this combination of attractors in conjunction with BFM is simply a match made in heaven and the all-new range comprises pretty much everything you’ll ever need in terms of bait variants. There is a selection of hook baits comprising of corkie wafters and pop-ups, which are complemented with matching bait soak complexes and bait sprays for extra attraction.

There is also a wide selection of pellets within the range as well as freezer bait and shelf-life boilies. You will even find a shelf-life paste and a 500ml bait booster within the BFM: Krill & Cranberry collective, which is superb for wrapping hook baits and drizzling over free offerings for boosted attraction respectively.


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