First class spod mixes to try this spring

First class spod mixes to try this spring

First class spod mixes to try this spring

Bait concoctions that differ greatly to most other bait buckets…

18 Apr 2019  /  08:38 am  /  by CARPology

It’s time you dished up some fancy new twists on standard run-of-the-mill hemp-based spod mixes. Here are six alternative options which will make your carp food way more appealing than the guy’s next-door…

The Crunchy Spod Mix

Contents: Hemp, crushed hemp, CC Moore’s Water Snails & casters.
Differs: This mix is made up of mini shells which crunch when the carp feed on them, something they love.
Hookbait: Fake casters or hemp.

The Natural Spod Mix

Contents: Hempseed, casters and CC Moore’s Frozen Bloodworm.
Differs: The casters & blood-worm go together like cheese on toast. A real natural mix.
Hookbait: Keep with the Fake Casters from Enterprise.

The Sugary, Sweet Combo

Contents: Hemp, crushed peanut and sweetcorn.
Differs: The crushed peanut adds a nice crunch to the mix and when mixed with the corn, they add a nice flash of colour.
Hookbait: A single corn of fake corn.

The Growler Combo Mix

Contents: Hemp, crushed tiger nut, mini tigers and a handful of standard tigers.
Differs: It offers up different sized tiger nuts, along with the crushed version which keeps them rooting for ages.
Hookbait: A balanced tiger.

The Stinky Spod Mix

Contents: Hemp, salmon fry crumb, 3mm pellets, grated Belachan and Liquid Belachan Extract (both CC Moore).
Differs: The addition of the grated Belachan is a massive edge, as is the salmon fry.
Hookbait: A CC Moore Boosted Belachan Hookbait.

The Mini ‘bits’ Mix

Contents: Hemp, 3mm halibut pellets and some fresh casters.
Differs: Although hemp & mini pellets is a known combo, adding casters as a nice twist.
Hookbait: Enterprise Tackle’s Fake Casters.

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