Daiwa Cast'izm Feeder reel - "stuff of dreams" — Angling Times

Daiwa Cast'izm Feeder reel - "stuff of dreams" — Angling Times

Designed around the proven spool geometry of the original Cast’izm, this ‘super shallow spool’ edition has been specifically designed for use with thinner diameter mainlines.

As you might expect from a top-end Daiwa reel, features abound. Its super-tough Zaion body is incredibly lightweight, and is matched with Air Rotor, Air Bail and HIP High Impact Line Clip, alongside a precision QD front spool. These features make it ideal for all big-fish work when using distance feeder tactics.

A major advantage the new Cast’izm Feeder has over the original model is the refinement of the LC spool lip. This is said to assist control of your line release on the cast, thus providing the optimum amount of line travel without causing unwanted backlash. Basically it will help you to cast those extra few yards that could make all the difference at the end of the day.

Price: £250


Weight: 15.2oz

Ratio/Crank: 4.7:1/96cm

Bearings: Four

Line capacity: 150m of 0.28mm mono

Maximum drag setting: 12kg

Source: Daiwa Cast’izm Feeder reel – “stuff of dreams” — Angling Times