Carp Fishing - 10 Post Lockdown Tips - Matt Eaton

Carp Fishing - 10 Post Lockdown Tips - Matt Eaton

Is life ever going to return to normal? Will we be able to get back on the banks this summer? How should we approach it if we are?

In eager anticipation of an early summer angling opportunity, we have asked our friend, that most eloquent of anglers Matt Eaton, to offer some tips, for once we’re all allowed out again…

1. The first day back.

When we are finally allowed back on the lake there are going to be a lot of anglers wanting to fish. It might seem like a good idea to be there at the start but, in reality, that first night is probably going to be a jolly good social although the fishing will be bit of a lottery. You might get a decent swim, but you will have a better chance getting on fish if you time your session for a day or so later when the hoards have gone home.

2. Following the wind.

Following the wind is often given out as blanket advice for locating carp but there are times when it applies and others when it does not. Early summer is, most certainly, one of those periods when it does. I would not set up blindly on the end of the wind, however the bank receiving it will be one of my first ports of call when I am attempting to locate the whereabouts of fish. Without any anglers they will have been acting a little more naturally and won’t have been moved about by pressure. It’s not just a South-westerly that the fish love either so, assuming it’s warm when we wet a line again, a wind from any direction is likely to have carp following it, staying on it and feeding on it.

Source: Carp Fishing – 10 Post Lockdown Tips – Matt Eaton